It is not over!

Japan still needs help!

Let’s show them the world has not forgotten!

The project Cosplay for Japan is not dead. although it did seem to be for some time. but it is time to revive!

for the most up to date information on this ever evolving project please check out are Facebook and Twitter pages.

the main hub for everything Cosplay for Japan will still always be here!

so what Is happening?

  • looking in to charity’s and organizations in Japan.

one that I have found very interesting is Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan.

  • working out events to get the ball rolling.

events that can help spread the word of  Cosplay for Japan and its mission to help Japan.

  • planing bigger projects to fund raise.

more of the focus is on the first two post but there is some tinny engines working on this.

we always want to hear from you so don’t be afraid to comment!



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teck loving anime needing fashion designer! ^o^
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