We are in the thick of convention season! who would watch live events with pro cosplayers answering your cosplay questions?

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It is not over!

Japan still needs help!

Let’s show them the world has not forgotten!

The project Cosplay for Japan is not dead. although it did seem to be for some time. but it is time to revive!

for the most up to date information on this ever evolving project please check out are Facebook and Twitter pages.



the main hub for everything Cosplay for Japan will still always be here!

so what Is happening?

  • looking in to charity’s and organizations in Japan.

one that I have found very interesting is Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan.


  • working out events to get the ball rolling.

events that can help spread the word of  Cosplay for Japan and its mission to help Japan.

  • planing bigger projects to fund raise.

more of the focus is on the first two post but there is some tinny engines working on this.

we always want to hear from you so don’t be afraid to comment!


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Cosplay for Japan T+T+Q #3 don’t cheep out on the fabric!

Cosplay for Japan T+T+Q #3 don’t cheep out on the fabric!

Fabric is the main part of a cosplay and cutting corners on cost with cheap fabric will make your costume look cheap. Why spend your time making your costume if it won’t look good! Take the time to get good fabric and when you have got some practice play with textures!

don’t forget to submit your questions!!!!!

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Cosplay for Japan T+T+Q #2 Time…

Cosplay for Japan T+T+Q #2 Time is your best friend and you enemy! 

There is a few examples of what I mean by this.

Making a costume a year before a convention time is on your side you have time to source your fabric  your props really  get the details planed in your costume. But the flip side is sometimes we give are self’s too much time! We make are costume everything is almost done just some minor details and you lose weight or gin weight! It’s only natural to have your body fluctuate. But it can be frustrating! Or you give yourself too much time and you procrastinate!

Making a costume 1 week before a convention (enemy)

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First tips and tricks for Cosplayers!

tailoring wax is a costumers best friend!

mark up your fabrics with seam allowance and adjustments darts and tucks!

preferably on the wrong side of the fabric but disappears in steam!

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The Fight Is Not Over!

So it has been a little over a month since the Big Cosplay for Japan event, but this is not the end. Japan still needs are help and we as Cosplay for Japan can keep the awareness going!

As of now Cosplay for Japan will have tips and tricks of cosplaying! This is where 1-3 times a week there will be a post giving tips and tricks to help you with Cosplay as well as answering your questions!

To submit your questions there are many ways of doing this

  1. facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cosplay-for-Japan/209593642405756
  2. twitter @cos4jap
  3. email cosplayforjapan@gmail.com
  4. coments on the blog!

Check back tomorrow for are first trick, tip, or question!

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one week latter!

it has been one week since the end of Cosplay for Japan!

here is a little  update

the raised funds have been  donated to the Canadian Red Cross

as well here are some images of the costumes!

thank you for all your support!

i would love to do this agen i hope to keep your support!


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